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Bibicentric : a soul singer songwriter performer and Entrepreneur

Bibicentric : a soul singer songwriter performer and Entrepreneur

It’s a Saturday and we Have BIBICENTRIC here, a soul singer, writer, performer and entrepreneur

Hi guys 
My name is Bibicentric I’m a soul singer songwriter performer and Entrepreneur 
I’m currently in Lagos . It’s not been so easy but if life gives you lemon you make lemonade 🥰 so I’m really using this time to get to know a lot about myself my music and just life in general.

Growing up was interesting I mean we had a roof over our heads got good food and very good education as well.... spent sometime with granny and we learnt a whole a lot about life.
I grew up in Lagos surulere precisely
My mum is from Badagry and my Dad is from Ondo. My dad’s side has Talking drum/ music background I guess that’s where I got the music blood from 🥰 
Tales by moonlight, I was a very energetic kid I loved to sing everytime 

I started listening to music very early cos my mum is a lover of good music From tapes of ebenizer obey , k1 d ultimate, Aruna Ishola and a lot of these legends. I grew to love soul music because I really relate and vibe with it easily Nina Simone, Amy whinehouse , celin Dione, Anita baker and a lot of other soul singers 

I started making music at age 15 my first year in the university it was so much fun cos I had to perform to a lot of my friends. 
I didn’t know I was going to do it professionally I just knew it was something I loved to do so I went to a music school for a short while before going into the university just to get a good knowledge.
Officially I started 5 years ago but I’ve been on and off because of finances and school But I kicked up again officially last year and it’s been a really good experience 

I get inspired by moods,personal experiences and also soul music
I’ve got a lot of them Old school: Nina Simone, Anita Baker,Amy whinehouse, 
New school : H E R , summer walker, sam Smith




My music is full of emotions love,pain,pleasure, Happiness..
I do soul music Rnb,Jazz, neo soul 
I want people to feel the real emotions of each song I want them to be able to relate with my music 

I’m a baby guitarist 🥰... I just learnt a bit ... I’m planing on learning production too....But I’ve got the best team of music producers.. 
most times I always have an idea of the song I want to record before going to the studio I would have shared the idea with my producer so he’ll come up with a beat and we work on it together.

I like to make research on the type of song I want to create,people that have created similar things I listen to the songs for a whole day I light my scented sticks and just enjoy the music 

I write my music also a lot of things influences my music 

I’ve performed live a lot...That’s where my strength lies 🥰🥰
I’ve performed at freedom park, Bay lounge, Raddison blu, intercontinental hotel and a lot of other venues that enjoy live muisc...
When I’m on stage it feel like I’m in my world I’m unstoppable. I feel no pains I feel no worries just good vibes and good music 

My family has been a great support system to me all the time even times where I was just starting they were always there for me 

The challenge now is availability of funds... music Needs good pushing and heavy promotion and to do that one needs to have enough funds 

I love being independent.... I really Jjj’s want to enjoy the process and really know how things are done personally also to have total control over my career

I’ve learnt that I should keep making good music and stay true to it .... and I will not try to conform to the stereotype of the average female artist in Nigeria 

My style is simple sexy and comfortable 
Yes I work with some brands 
Moe gear , Intl sahar Aoki luxury brand 

I recently dropped an Ep titled monophobia 
I really need my voice to be heard and to do that I have to keep dropping nice tunes 

Monophobia (The Fear Of being alone )
It’s a project with mixed feelings 

Build a new chariot 

Winning a Grammy would means a lot to me 

I’ll Do full time music 

Instagram: Bibicentric 
Twitter Bibicentric_
Facebook Bibicentric 
Email : Bibicentric@gmail.com




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