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Celebrities and Criticism with Blessing Okoro: Officialblessingceo.. Make up or Break up

Celebrities and Criticism with Blessing Okoro: Officialblessingceo.. Make up or Break up

Okoro Blessing a mother of Two is a Relationship, an Entrepreneur and a humanitarian. 

Been a Relationship Blogger, she loves Love and therefore loves to tell relationship stories, she loves to listen to people on what they've got to say. 

She got Inspired into doing this by her past experiences: She had faced some huddles and dramas in her previous marriage, she consequently felt a whole of people are facing such challenges and would be needing someone to talk to because at her own time, she had no one to talk to. 


"I love Love, I faced some huddles and dramas in my previous marriage and I feel people are going to be feeling the way I felt, so I decided to create a platform for people to air their minds" 

Talking about Dealing with Criticism:

"It is always very difficult to deal with Criticism but the challenge is, sometimes it is not criticism but HATE, because Criticism is about creatively disagreeing with what someone had said or is doing. But majorly, what you see on the media is HATE. Very Few times, people come to criticise you, but most times they just come to hate because they come with so much bitterness."

"Like I always say, alot of people HEAR but don't LISTEN, some LOOK but don't SEE. It's just the same way you pull so much crowd in an event who would probably not LEARN anything in that gathering as they just HEAR and not LISTEN. 

This Same thing happens on the media, when you understand this about the public, you tend to play blind eye to them. This is because most of them are not listening to what you have to say but they just want to hear a thing to hold on to and start getting back at you with some hatred, so why put in so much energy. Just focus on those listening to you. It can be difficult but I learnt it too. I learnt how to play blind eye to lot of them. If you say something credible I can pick and add to my life because I like to tell people *ALWAYS USE YOUR ENEMIES WORD TO BECOME A BETTER YOU. Because, when you look at it and evaluate yourself, you will realise they are constantly reminding you of a part of you that you can make."


For Example, if they constantly remind you that you are poor, you will challenge yourself to do better while they will remain there watching you and that's how they become fans. 

" On the other hand, sometimes you have to respond to criticism especially when it's been really hateful. Alot of people don't know anything about you, so they are eager to pick up false information and come back to social media trying to dent your image, then, you seldomly respond to such people and keep your believers still believing."

Thats much insight from this intelligent celebrity... She had spoken from lots of experiences. 


Lastly, it's obvious how well Blessing is a fashion enthusiast. 

So the Question asked her was.. 


" Sincerely, I am a shoe freak, I don't carry bags... So I pick up shoes over bags always.. Without exegerating I have over 200 pairs of shoes" 

"Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I get so Confused what to wear. Though I pick dresses for the week but guess what I might still not see what I love to wear and can mks settle for a casual wear... So I'm always keeping it simple. "


It's been such an awesome time with this amazing mum of two who is giving opportunities to people to come out clean and seek responses to silent answers in relationships and marriages.

Sure you want to get familiar with her, just click HERE and turn on your post notifications 😉 

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