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Recent studies finds out that women are increasingly in need of dominant men, that is to say women love being overpowered. Women find dominance as a big turn on and are turned off by men who are emotionally and physically weak. Every woman wants to be made feel like a woman, which means as a man you have to take charge, you have to be the bigger person just like the hero in movies. A woman would sit all day having fantasies of how her partner could dominate her but end up not getting what she wants because she thinks she might sound crazy if she spills the ideas she has going on in her head to her partner. We see women having more interest in books and movies where the male figure is dominant and overpowering i.e movies like Fifty shades. A woman wants a man who can read her like a book, a man who would know what she wants and how she wants it. Although, in rare cases where we have feminist who believe in equal treatment with a man, women also love being the dominate one in relationships HOW DO YOU BECOME DOMINANT OVER A WOMAN? Being dominant doesn't mean you should be aggressive or disrespectful, women don't want men who would yell at them or push them around, being dominant simply means to be the stronger one physically, emotionally and also in bed. Women love men who respects them and knows how to handle a situation, it is known that women also respect a man who has power over them "positively" a woman won't respect a man who she can boss around or overpower because it feels wrong to have a weak man have any sort of control or influence over her So when a man asks do women secretly love being dominated? The answer is yes and it shouldn't be a secret anymore.

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