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Esther Adama; Togolese Actress on TGIF

Esther Adama; Togolese Actress on TGIF

Esther Adamah is a 22years old from Togo and the first child out of 4 children. She's a baker,an event planner also an actress. 

One good thing about passion is that it drives you starting from a distinct part of the journey of life. 

Esther had always loved to act right from school days even when her parents where strongly against her. 

"I have always loved acting right from school days, you know the whole school drama lol but when I grew up I told my parents about it and my dad refused but on the long run I just had to go for what I wanted and love doing and so far I have been doing well and great, I am not there yet but I am proud of myself" she said. 

Determination is one of our greatest drive in life. You can't do less than you determined to do because you won't be fulfilled till you get it done.

"Everything I have accomplished so far and proud of, is all about determination and as long as you put your mind to it and most importantly PRAY"

Every individual have one fashion habit or the other. For example, some ladies will pick shoes over bags while shopping. Esther isn't an exception. 

"I will always go for Bags while shopping because I just love them 😊"

And for choice of clothes simplicity and comfort is what she wants in every outfits she comes out in. 

"Nothing decide my outfits really but I am cool with anything I wear. I love to dress simple as long as I am comfortable in whatever I wear."

Thank you so much for your audience readers. 

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