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Etinosa Idemudia: Nollywood Special Feature

Etinosa Idemudia: Nollywood Special Feature

Etinosa Idemudia is Veteran a Nigerian Actress and Movie producer, whose Hardwork is evident in the movie industry. Young and vibrant with exceptional movies in circulation. 

Etinosa took her entertainment calling serious as a result of positive feedbacks she would always get when she was just creating contents for her social media feeds.... This is a clear indication that our responses and positive energy can help an individual confirm his or her calling making them realize what to put their efforts in. 

"I always had the calling to entertain and create (content) The positive energy and response I got back from my viewers early when I started made me more confident that this was my calling" 

Furthermore, the general narrative of you having to know someone in the movie industry to get to limelight is not always true, how about just doing something different and make the industry crave to want to work with you??? 

"When I started I did not know anyone. No connection or what you might call it. If I can come this far then I know anyone can make it in their chosen field" 

Ok, you'll agree with me that Parents are the mirrors a child looks at.... 

"My parents. They have been my motivation to succeed" 

Click here to see more pictures of The hot baby girl 😂 



Etinosa's fashion habit. 

"To be honest I dress according to the occasion and how I'm feeling. 

Most times I feel hot🔥😄😄

Like a hot baby geh" 🔥

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