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Film making helps to tell our African stories... Happy Julian

Film making helps to tell our African stories... Happy Julian

Happy Julian Uchendu, is the first child from a family of 9 including Mum and Dad who was born and brought up in Zaria. From Azigbo in Nnewi Local Government Area of Anambra State. A mother of One graduated from University of Jo's read Microbiologist Technology. Actress and Producer, CEO Ebanky Global production an Entrepreneur, and guess what? She was born September 26th so I believe she still has cake to share.

" I love Reading, Researching, Traveling, Adventure, Watching Movies. My Primary School, Army Children School Zaria, Secondary School, Comprehensive College Zaria, University Uni Jo's Microbiologist Technology" 


A part of Happy's story can really give hope if not hopes to fellow Nigerians trying hard to explore and make waves. 

"My story life. The beginning was rough, stressed, disappointing, discouraging, failure, but in the end determination and focus led me to succeed where I am today. So nothing good comes easy. Do not give up on your dreams, also note that God can never give you a problem bigger than your ability to solve it, trials are preparation to success. Keep fighting and keep pushing, suicide is not the best option for depression."

Ever thought Film making and Movies are just there to entertain you, No!!! The primary aim is to tell societal stories. Basically as an African, we grew up to get more knowledgeable about our societies basically by watching African Movies. 


" Film making helps to tell our African stories, communicate, educate, interact by teaching things we should know about our society. My kind of job is a mass recruitment for job opportunity." 

Hence, the Movie industries, especially Nollywood still need support from the government by building more cinema houses, and distributing firms. 

The Government can do better than what they have done in the past.

Role Model? 

My role model is my Mother because she's a strong woman and I took that from her, I admire the likes of Mary Remy Njoku, Mo Abudu, Omoni Oboli, Genevieve Nnaji, Chima Amanda. They are strong women.

I believe meeting this Awesome lady is worth it today. You can keep up with her on Instagram by clicking here 

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