•   07/13/2020 11:08:45 pm

Instagram Twerk Goddess: Cindy Adaeze not stopping soon.

Instagram Twerk Goddess: Cindy Adaeze not stopping soon.


Igwebuike Adaeze Cindy aka Ada of Kings aka Twerk Goddess, Is from Anambra state, also a graduate of Michael okpara university Abia state. She grew up in Lagos. Aside from twerking / brand influencing/ song promotions, she's also an interior designer too.

As for twerking on the gram, well I love dancing. It’s my hobby "and it helps me keep fit as well so I decided to share this part of my life on social media. And I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Everything I do is always a success except I don’t put my mind to it but I have been able to secure some major contracts on interior designing on the gram and that for me is a major success."

"I love twerkable clothes. Lol. I love my clothes fitted and comfy. Sometimes i am a bit extra. I love black I have a full box of black dresses" 


Click here to keep up with Cindy!!! 

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