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KABBA 90S: Kabba 20 Ankara Splash Dinner

KABBA 90S: Kabba 20 Ankara Splash Dinner

If you have ever heard of Kabba, you’ll know the town is one of the regions with exciting historic values, ranging from the culture to some strategic locations like the Obangogo hill which is about 200 meters taller than the famous mount patti and generally 615.50 meters above sea level….. Yea….. you can make that your next tourist visit  lol

I (Atte Ayodeji) will just be telling you about my new family, those family ehn….Omoooo*1000 they are real MVPs, in all they do they got each other’s back because they know problem no they finish.

Ok yea I’m talking about Kabba 90s.

Kabba 90s is a social group born out  of the zeal to draw attentions of kabba indigenes in diaspora born in the 90s back to their home town atleast once in a year which is the festive December period.

Hence, Mr. Ife Duro-Bello came up with the idea and for about 4 years its been a hit back to back with fun-driven activities ranging from meet and greet, sports fiesta, orphanage visit, Royal visit, Movie night, karaoke and salsa night amongst others of which the highlight and special event annually is the ANKARA SPLASH DINNER.

In all you do in that family ba, do not miss ANKARA SPLASH DINNER.

PLEASE JUST SLIDE GENTLY THROUGH THESE PICTURES and tell me wether you are kabba or not you won’t honor an invitation to attend the next one winks




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