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Am happy-sad

Some days it's more of one than the other

I dance and eat

I laugh and cry

I show you am strong on the outside

Because I have no choice 

I have to show you that

Else, what would you think of me?


The world keeps spinning

Each day with it's demons

Even when I feel low 

It doesn't wait for me

Even when I space out from weariness

It doesn't speak to me calmly

It doesn't understand my pain

No one does


The world keeps spinning

Paying no attention

Eventually would anyone get to see the real me?

The one I stare at in front of the mirror

The girl who is nothing but a broken child

My fragile heart

My bleeding soul

The unknown

The unspoken thoughts of my heart 

My quiet place

Sometimes I wish I could say what I really think or feel

Even though the world would judge me

Sometimes I wish my loved ones could see the hidden parts of my heart

I get tired of the pretence and self doubt


Who would help me?

Who would hear me?

The quiet times spent crying

The happy face in public

The mask I put up with my family

Oh, who would see the real me? 

To save me from this sham

I just live and laugh like a chore

Am broken but still,

The world keeps spinning


Is there a happy place for me? 

Am I worth it? 

How can I love me better?

How can I truly live?

When will my fears be gone?

Will I ever find pure joy?

Oh, The fear of the unknown

Yet ,the world keeps spinning....


N.B: This peom is dedicated to the lost and depressed man who had the worst year or life outcomes

Who is thinking of giving up, I hope you relate with this and know your not alone. 

 There's a silver lining behind each situation

 Just trust and love yourself regardless of the lies the world tells you.

 Tomorrow will be better, believe me.


By: Sandra Chisom


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