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Neighbours! come and help me judge. I've loved and lost! I have suffered in vain! I have been ridiculed, I have been bantered with! 

Solape? The same solape that suckled from my breast as her mother's own breast wouldn't produce milk. 'Oma she o', what a pity!Is it not my tiny cozy room iya solape and small solape had slept for three months,as she watches her husband go astray with another woman. Solape didnt just suckle on my tiny boobs,I carried her behind me as if she's mine,the old wrapper I use in carrying her always stung with black tiny shit that smells so bad,Even her mother runs away from her.I have always known this solape isn't normal,she doesn't behave like a regular kid but unlike everyone, I didn't run from her,I cherished and loved her regardless. Now puberty had struck on solape,now shes the village beauty, she struts around the village as if she's the founder of beauty. Her black caramel skin which always shone in a dimensional way makes her think worthy of herself.

Her stature is deceiving her Abi? What a pity!

Shame on iya solape,shame on her for leaving this girl to do what she likes. Shame on iya solape for being such a reckless mother. As for me,there's is little I can do. Was it not last month I still talked to iya solape and what did she say in return,she hissed so long and loud,I thought it was a trailer coming,she eyed me so sharply I thought I had seen the black demon,she starred so hard on me,I almost call for the ground to swallow me and finally she said "well I don't blame you, if you had one of your own,maybe you wouldn't have the time to invade in my family affairs. Don't goan look for a way to give that poor man fruit of the womb. Who knows what you've have done? Who knows the man you have slept with that used your womb. Shioor!" 

Haaaaa! I have suffered! My good deed has put me into trouble. If anyone would use my barrenness to ridicule me,I wouldn't for one sec think it would be iya solape. That didn't even get to me,She's known for repaying evil for good. 

As if those ridicule words weren't enough, was it not mama Awelewa the village gossip who told me what she saw. Off course I didn't believe her,she's known for her lie lie everywhere. Olowo ori mi is everything but not a cheat and a pedophile. But something just wasn't right, believe me when I say I didn't take mama Awelewa's insight serious but I cant just help but go to the description she gave me. My leg was slow and heavy on the ground,I had fear my heart will jump out of my chest,I had fear the dreaded, I had hope olowo ori mi would prove mama Awelewa wrong. But when I got there, when i heard the tiny moan of solape and the sloppy movement of olowo ori mi as he thrust inside her consistently. He has never been like that to me,in fact I thought he wasnt man enough at a point. But look how he cloaked his hand around her tiny waist while she savour the pure feeling of ecstasy. Haaaa! I have seen what a woman's eyes should never seen.

Have you seen olowo ori mi? He was the envy of his peers,every womans choice. Have you seen him smile? Haaa,his white set teeth always give him away. And have you seen him walk? He walks majestically like an angel on earth. If you haven't seen olowo ori mi,then you haven't seen a perfect man. I couldn't take it,I shivered,what does he see in solape,solape,small solape! Ahhhhh the sound coming was so choking I thought I would suffocate, I dashed into the train sitter and there I saw him grinding harder than before. I had never seen this part of him. And did you know what solape did when she saw me, the stupid wretch smiled, she smiled so hard,wore her cloths and walk out on me,leaving me ad olowo ori mi! Ahhh I have loved and lost! I have suffered in vain! The small girl that suckled from me,the small girl I used to pack her tiny little shiit,the small girl I fed,that same small girl has turned me to her challenger! Solape, wa GBA! You'd see me in action! As for olowo ori mi,I don't blame him o. He has done what every man is good at,he has pierced my heart with a sharp knife. I don't think I'd ever recover. But for solape, solape would see me in action!

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