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Afrocentric Gorgeousness with SGTC Brand

Afrocentric Gorgeousness with SGTC Brand


Adetoke Oluwo is a TV and Film Producer and the Creative Director of The Sgtc Brand which is all about Fashion Pieces and Afrocentric Gorgeousness.....Afrocentric Chic

A successful Fashion Designer must be dynamic risk taker as you never know what People would be drawn to so you can't afford to play safe else,you would never stand out. You also need to understand how to study and research because making great sales is more than churning out great pieces,Marketing is on another level as People's attention span is shorter than before and the Industry is very much saturated so you always have to be fast and be on your toes else, you'd be forgotten



She explicitly gave a run down below 

Different things and people inspire my designs at different points in time...Also, the season....Now, assuming We are working in Summer so that naturally speaks Colours, Vibrant Prints and Youthful Vibes...So the Season already influenced the kind of pieces We are releasing for Summer - girly, feminine and colourful. Also, We get influenced by those We follow in Social Media,E.g Bloggers,Fashionistas and the general trend in the World. Right now, People are all about Tulle, Deconstructed Pieces so we try to incorporate that into Ankara and lastly, We follow and attend International Fashion Shows, when you know what the World is looking at, you are 5 steps ahead when it comes to designing a hit


Fashion has a unique way of bringing people together and making everyone understand one language. I have met very unique people virtually and it is amazing


So how Do you stay up to date? 

Research Research and Research!!! The world is in your phone and yes,We travel for International Fashion Shows too so it is a lot of work behind the scene.

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