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Creative Women Crush with Joyce Faleke

Creative Women Crush with Joyce Faleke

 It's another Wednesday and we have an amazing woman in the house... Meet her

My name is faleke olapeju, from Ekinrin-Adde, Ijumu L.G.A,kogi state.I'm married to the most amazing husband and blessed with a baby boy and I'm a fashion designer.

 I've always been a fashion lover. I love nice, fancy and trendy wears. I also have passion for modeling. My love for fashion made my decision to learn fashion designing a swift decision.

  My first major hit success was when I decided to get on sewing material to make ready to wear bubu dresses, I made for all sizes,I notice that women love to wear something free and classy. All I had to do was to get materials,sew and package it. It sold out almost immediately and social media had a positive impact in the sales.


 'Fake it till you make it'

Fake it is referred to as packaging. My advice to the young ladies living a fake life is that they should look for something doing because an idle hand is a devil's s work shop. Ofcourse if you work hard you will definitely make it no matter your challenges,  just focus on your work and keep going.

Thank you for staying with us on this episode. 

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