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Creative Women Crush with Diapink Designs

Creative Women Crush with Diapink Designs

It's a Wednesday and it's our doing to give credits to a young woman out there who is making the women race proud and outstanding. 

We have the CEO of Diapink Designs. 

"Fashion is generally understood as culture. So, it can never be exempted from our lives. 

  My name is Igudia Sonia, I am a 23 years old fashion entrepreneur. CEO of diapink designs.

I started fashion and designing as a career 2013 and since then till now, I don’t ever stop learning more and improving... fashion and designing is like a drug to me I have been living and breathing it throughout my existence and it’s the one thing I enjoy doing.

Lol why not when the pay is good?

  Just like every other business, I could have really stubborn and difficult clients. Some could even hesitate to pay me completely due to economic crisis while others could gift me money and heart warming pleasantries. But which ever type that comes around, I always obey the law which states that ‘customers are always right’."

Fake it till u make it as the saying goes shouldn’t be our drive as ladies... yes it’s important to look good and all but what’s the gain to look good and not feel good about it. Most times, faking to impress drags us back due to the fact that we would want to buy all the fancy things with all our money including our savings. As a business minded lady, it helps me more to save and invest than wasting on less important things.. those I impress won’t feed me when am broke... PS: think about it.

Check out outstanding designs by this Fashion line

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