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Entrepreneur hangout with Bibitayo Bettinal

Entrepreneur hangout with Bibitayo Bettinal

 Bibitayo Bettinal Is from osun state studied mass communication . And  into fabric business

Sometimes How it all got started sounds funny and small that the story almost sound like its all lies. 

Bibitayo talking....

"Well I started Fabric business about 2 years ago and I remembered starting with just 2 pieces. 

I Had actually always had passion for it. 

I was scheduled to do a shoot for a client in Kenya that portrait an African Nigeria print culture, Hence, someone introduced me to the person I bought the fabric from. 

Then the thought came in like why don’t I start the business since I have passion for it .. that’s how it all started .. and from then I started traveling to other African countries to get prints own prints as I am strongly aware  each country has their own prints and it’s unique."


Well to me Africa is blessed, trust me, we have so many beautiful prints that distinguish different countries, and our uniqueness towards prints is something  else.. each country have their own prints that looks like their trademark, and Nigeria is the most popular home for prints. 

UNIQUENESS OF EACH COUNTRY’S PRINT Is not far fetched. Africa as a continent is blessed with distinct fashion prints that gives each nation a trademark. 

For example the kente of Ghana, Ankara of Nigeria etc. 


While making a dress you have to choose the right fabric. Fabric is the most important thing that you should give importance. It determines the overall style and beauty of your dress. If you prefer silk fabric then it is prominent that you want a gorgeous and elegant look for your dress. If you choose chiffon fabric for the item that means that you are for a sensuous and lean look to flaunt. Cotton fabric is eco friendly and durable but needs to be washed regularly and ironed. There are many other types of fabrics like organza and linen. Organza is a fabric which is made of silk or a silk like fabric that resembles organdy and linen is a fabric woven with fibers from the flax plant.


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