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Entrepreneur of the Week, Ashmusy Empire.

Entrepreneur of the Week, Ashmusy Empire.

Amarachi Amosu is the first out of four Children from her parents, from Enugu state, 

An entrepreneur who owns an online store, selling wears and outstanding fashion items on Instagram called Ashmusy Empire.


You can click here to shop now

Amarachi is also a talented Brand influencer who uses funny videos with veteran actors on Instagram to advertise for top brands. 


Her drive is to make money and be successful, Prosperity and Happiness is the vision she sees everyday as she moves closer to those dreams every passing day. 

And for her looking good is a good business so she can't go a day without looking good, so it's not a big deal that she sells outstanding fashion items. 


Talking about her major hit successes so far she said, 

"My major successes so far is been able to pay my bills all by myself and that of my family, I pay my rent worth millions, feed my siblings and I daily, pay their school fees and a whole lot of other things not having have to go immoral for those bills to be paid"


All these have been possible so far because I have been consistent, hard working and focused in whatever I do. 


"Fake till you make it, it's not bad to look good even if you ain't buoyant, it's not all about been fake, but you don't have to look like what you have been through. That you are poor doesn't mean you should dress poor, you can be on thrifted dresses and look great which will make you be able to stand in the midst of people you look upto. 

So I advice youths out there to exchange their fake like with thinking big.. Because your thoughts is a function of your level in life. 

You Don't have to lie about your achievements, be real as much as possible but don't look poor. 

Look good always and you would attract good successes."


You can shop your look with Ashmusy empire here

Thank you for staying with this episode... We will keep bringing to you amazing entrepreneurs weekly on this segment. 

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