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Entrepreneur Weekly: Rita Collins of Lokojahousewife

Entrepreneur Weekly: Rita Collins of Lokojahousewife

Having had Joorlan's kitchen on the Entrepreneur weekly of these past week, another exceptional Chef is here today..... 

Meet her......

"My name is Rita. Rita Collins 

20 years of age and a chef 

I graduated from the department of Microbiology 

Did my 1st year to 3rd year in Madonna university and transferred to Tansian University where I did my final year."

 Yes I’m a chef πŸ‘©πŸ³ a different and sweet kind of chef πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ if there’s anything like that 😝 

Lokojahousewife is an online kitchen that has been designed to cook and serve food for different functions and purposes, Lokojahousewife is 7 months old and still counting... we specialize in all indoors and outdoors catering service 


    Talking about what inspired me yeah, I don’t even know because I just find myself doing this without no one advising me to venture into it or ever dreaming to be a chef. I like to cook though I don’t like to eat cause I’m very picky when it comes to food. 


Today, I look at food differently than when I was younger. Food brings balance to my life–this is not only my career but what best describes who I am.

Food now means the future for me. Food has changed its meaning to me; just like the seasons, it is ever-changing in so many ways and will continue to be throughout my life.

Food, and the industry itself, made me into a different person – there are a lot of growing pains in this industry, and it takes a lot out of you.

This career path is for people who are go-getters who want to create and keep creating every day, and who want to share their love of food with family and friends or even a stranger that they will never meet.


I remembered one time I sent bulk messages to my customers, “It’s Jollof Monday, start placing your orders” and a wife to one of my male customers was seriously angry I sent the husband a message like who is this Lokojahousewife and what service does she renderπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I almost became teary yeah but on a second thought I needed to be professional and act like nothing like such ever happened. 

Also, people are different and it’s almost impossible to please humans. I always try to put in my best in whatever I’m doing(cooking) but there are some people who I can’t please even with me trying to put in my best like for example, someone may place order for tomato sauce and expect you to add vegetables without indicating which they want.

Although things are like this, my customers have made it easier for me by accepting and loving what I bring to them(I don’t give them rubbish) lol πŸ˜† 

You can see the challenges are not much anyways but I’ll have to keep the rest to myself.  


 My advice to others out there that will love to engage in commercial cooking or anything related to it and also to some of us who are in it already is to, be yourself and most especially “It’s important to look at tradition and culture for inspiration. Look to the past to move forward.

Go and spend time in the region of the cuisine you're interested in. Learn the techniques and how local chefs are modernizing their own culinary traditions. See how people actually live. That experience will certainly come through in your food and help create a unique point of view.”

I’m not an inspirational speaker but you should know the 20 Bits of advice for any young chefs 

  *Sharpen your knife skills 

  *Know your basics 

  *Research the greats 

  *You’re not going to be a Sous chef in 2 years time(don’t be mediocre)

   *The sound of the ticket machine will scare you 

    *You don’t get days off 

    *Learn to clean, clean, clean and clean. 

   *Vegetarians are people too! And making good vegetarian dishes is a skill too 

    *No one will be around on your days off 

    *Everyone suddenly expects you to cook even on your days off 

    *Learn to cook at least 3 pastries well. 

    *Static rolls down hill 

    *Working for a 2 star level Michelin restaurant is hell although I’ve never worked in one. 

    *Walk-ins are great 

    *The dishwasher is the most valuable player of your team 

    *Something is always going wrong 

    *Don’t worry about awards. 


    *Focus on where you work, not what you make...sort of. 

    *Learn from everybody and teach everybody 

Thank you 😊"

Amazing having chefs back to back right? Sure you had learnt alot.

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.....  Thank you for joining us!!! 

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