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Entrepreneur Weekly with Joorlan's kitchen

Entrepreneur Weekly with Joorlan's kitchen

For a long time I thought I had to develop something that had never been done before to be successful. While that is somewhat true, sometimes an innovation can be quite simple

Dollar Shave Club offers men an alternative, affordable way to purchase razors. 

Pillows.com was started after its founder could not find hotel pillows anywhere to purchase. 

The creator of OraBrush wanted an alternative to help people with bad breath and fashioned a simple tongue scraper.

These ideas are basic and without any super innovative technology. They fulfill a basic need. Success can come from simple ideas with a twist.

Now let's meet a 21 years old Ruth Lawani A final student of the University of Benin department of social Work. She is a chef; popularly known as Joorlan's kitchen. 

Ruth is obviously a passionate cook..... Talking to Ngkings, She said:

Cooking is just everything to me. I wouldn't say because I'm The only girl based on my mom it's necessary to train the female child but cooking is just what I Have loved while growing up and I came to realise that I can't help people with money but I could help with food. Basically, when I see people hungry or have little, and I could help, it gives me joy. Cooking is just a hobby for me, it kills my boredom .

That feeling that you get when your food is tasted and you get a response like: the food is amazing.


Cooking is bae for her but the funny things is she's not a foodie and very selective when it comes to food but the joy of cooking is all that matters to her. 


On this first Episode of Entrepreneur Weekly, Ruth dropped some amazing words for youths out there...... 


"Well basically I have come to Understand so many things during the last holiday and conculded strike then I imagined myself as a graduate because it wasn't easy, staying home all day waiting for parents to rescue you isn't fun at all..then I figured it out that only you can help ur self if you Want to succeed. thou it's not easy the challenge is very high and sometimes frastration comes in but then I told myself I can do it. And based on the fact that I would graduate soon I didn't want to be jobless based on the country situation even when you graduate with good grades so like I told my brother figure something you are good at or rather learn something that could at least make you confident"


I hope you enjoyed reading about Entrepreneurship. It's actually not an epistle of you starting to do something new... Just do something different and simple. 

Extra information: our online radio just launched today Monday.!!! Visit now at radio.ngkings.com.ng. 

Have a great week. 

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