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Entrepreneural Insight with Babygirlafrica

Entrepreneural Insight with Babygirlafrica



aka Babygirlafrica, Is a fashion designer as well as the ceo of all SLA APPAREL on instagram... She's also a content creator on instagram and insta blogger, also a Webnovel writer for fun, well it is safe to use the word influencer too, even though so many have made the word to look so misleading, but yes she's an an influencer and she trusts her reviews as well, a jack of many trades and a young independent woman building her empire  😉 . basically an entrepreneur


 The drive or inspiration behind what you do at the moment:

"Tbh, my dear late mother, she has always been my source of inspirations and motivations. After she left the world last year October, I became even more determined.

Tbh whenever I think about her, I want to do better to make her proud, I aspire to be like her when she was on earth, and I want to continue most of her motherly responsibilities and charity works that she have left behind...."


What are your major hit successes and how did you get them done? 

" Well i will say, selling out my first designs and showcasing at a fashion show last year for the first time, also selling out my stocks of my male clothing ( SLA online boutique) almost immediately after whenever they arrives, the money helped me to establish myself and more, and also the fashion showcase first time made me so happy, especially the audience reactions... also another personal success is me being BABYGIRLAFRICA today. This name have brought me business deals with brands and even helps my SLA brand, and i am so grateful to the God almighty."

" How I got all this I mentioned done was, first of, I make God the all and all at the beginning of each success, another was the fact that I am not a quitter, I use to be a quitter, but some years back I changed from being a quitter to actually not being one, last I don’t plan by seeking everyone’s opinion, even when it becomes so hard, I make sure I hear my own voice first, because sometimes, people will try not to encourage you sincerely when you are struggling, also I do my best and trust in my best, especially as Babygirlafrica, too many pressure on social media but I don’t ever let that get to me, because I always personally set out what I can do or what I want, and nothing will change that......."


 Her fashion choices are so simple, 

"I just go for things things I can feel comfortable in, things I can actually style and the colors that am feeling at that moment lol. Then my daily outfit is determined by my mood."

You should get familiar with Babygirlafrica by clicking here

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