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MCM: Dessyhandsum, the giveaway king

MCM: Dessyhandsum, the giveaway king

Having an online business is basically a game of integrity, you don't know a large percentage of your patrons and this means that they trust you'll send their ordered goods by paying for them. 

Let's meet our MCM and I'll come back to the online business and integrity. 

Today is Monday and our MCM is an Entrepreneur, a Radio and TV Broadcaster, Music and Movie producer, the CEO at Handsum Records who also is the Brand owner at Handsum sneakers: your favourite Sneakers outlet and also a business strategist popularly known as Dessyhandsum.


He's also popularly called the Giveaway king and that in all makes him a philanthropist. 

Just so you know, the road to success is almost never easy for anyone to travel in.... Dessyhandsum shared his story about been given tokens while going to school, which were never enough for the upkeep. But the determination to be prosperous was enough to get him to achieve dreams..

Ok!!! Back to the game of integrity in the online stores, Dessyhandsum is the CEO of Handsum Sneakers, where there is sale of top notch Sneakers online. 

Below is what he said that made me come up with that Ascertion, 


"Most times when orders delays, the customers starts calling and some even start feeling like they have been scammed..." 


Don't you think that's true?

Yea, I feel that way too, especially when the Phone number is not reachable but one major strength this Brand has is to make sure your goods or orders are dispatched just in time and delivered without you having so much long expectations for it. 

Lastly, you'll be wondering why I call him the Giveaway King, I wouldn't have said something about this but the fact that he has shed more lights on how well he has assisted SMEs by giving his one assistance financially to encourage and boost their startups is a great deal. This is evident on Instagram @dessyhandsum

Mind you, this is not a success story of this successful man yet, he's out there making waves and doing more exploits. 

He will be hosting this Blogging team soon for a detailed interview on his success stories. I'm sure you'll stay glued. 

You can keep up with him @dessyhandsum



Have a great week... And just like Our MCM make your work and impacts Count in the environment around you and the society at large. 


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