•   06/28/2022 06:58:55 am

MCM with Jehoada Adamu

MCM with Jehoada Adamu

Today we have  Jehoada Adamu, He’s 21 years of age and a fashion model/YouTuber. Born and raised in Jos then moved to Abuja and lived most here in Abuja.


My major drive in life is just family and the people around me...I want to work hard and get to a point where my family snd friends don’t have to go through so much financially. And also to something that’s pushes me is just the world we live in, it is toxic and full of hate and I want to get to a level were I can help make a difference no matter how small. 


How I deal with pressure normally I would just keep pushing and whatever the outcome is, life goes on.

I look at it as motivation and just experience, shows you how life really is.”



Social distancing is really not a problem for me cause I usually don’t go out to party and all that. I focus more on making content and with this situation I can make contents but not as much as I want, that’s the only problem with social distancing and I hope it comes to an end

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