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Monday with EffikClan

Monday with EffikClan

Valerie Effik is from Akwa Ibom state, an electrical/electronics engineer and a mom.

She's MD/CEO of EffikClan Solutions Limited, a Nigerian registered Solutions provider with head office in Abuja. They offer private jets/helicopter charter services and business shuttle services, relationship/marriage counseling/matchmaking services, fashion consulting, real estate marketing as well as general contracting and procurement. 

Such a nice profile yeah.... Some drives must be behind this, so let's find out below 


"My drive has been my family. 

My grandfather was a very successful clothier and business man. 

While growing up as an only grandchild, he always made me sit in meetings with his associates. Even though I did not understand what was being discussed, I was inspired to be successful. He was a man people would come with problems and he will offer Solutions."


What's your own definition of fashion beyond clothes and trends.? 

" Fashion for me is an attitude. 

For all I care, you can wear the most expensive designers and a person in thrifted clothes will walk into the room and get all the attention and respect." 

 How do you pick your outfits daily.


"I do not do the daily picking as it doesn't work for me. I always plan my week on Saturday and Sunday by sorting put my clothes, trying them on and put them in the wardrobe according to the days so I'll just grab, wear and move." 


 What are your shopping habits? 

" Gosh! I am a hopeless shopper.

Everyone knows I love good clothes, hair, jewelries and perfumes but not a huge fan of bags and shoes even though I buy them as well so I shop 4 times a year but I still grab something in between that catches my fancy."

 It's actually been an amazing having Mrs. Valerie here today.... Just so you know that everyone coming here has alot to offer!!!

And I'm sure it will interest you to keep up with her, so you can easily do that by clicking here 

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