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Newman Susan on Creative Women Wednesday

Newman Susan on Creative Women Wednesday


It's another Wednesday and we have an Entrepreneur Susan on our episode of Creative Women's Wednesday. 

Newman Susan Oziomachukwu is from Abia state, 22 years old, and a student of open university studying Economics, 

I am also an entrepreneur, I am a cook and I sell lingeries as well. Residing in Lagos state. 

Susan is said to be an outspoken person and also consider herself a funny person.

The fact that she knows she never want to be dependent on anybody gives her inspiration to work hard. 

If you were to do something differently, what would that be? 

"Believing more in myself, I procrastinated a lot before starting my business up because I wasn’t sure of myself, I didn’t know if I could really make waves, I had so little faith in myself because I was always doubting myself, so if there is anything I would change, that doubting mindset definitely will be changing it"


I believe there is enough space for every queen to shine,you just have to create your own sunshine without trying to dim another person’s own


 "Honestly my fashion sense is simple,I prefer being on an overall T-shirt or trouser and shirt,but on rare occasions I like to play dress up. Most of the time I like to go for a simple and comfortable look.my makeup actually is always a simple look,lol I find it difficult to switch up my look. I prefer most times to stay without makeup".

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