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Ojaybskoncept : Short survival story

Ojaybskoncept : Short survival story

It's a new week and I'm happy I still have you all here. We going to be talking about a little survival story of a Veteran Make up Artist... 

 Attah Ojochegbe Blessing was Born into the family of late Mr Alabi Attah and Mrs Elizabeth Abeni Alabi. She studied Geological Engineering from School of Engineering, kogi state polytechnic, Itakpe campus. And a professional makeup artist, event coordinator, certified project manager and an entrepreneur.

Her flair for style and fashion motivated her into the Beauty and event world. 

"I appreciate the beauty and event world. Their level of creativity most times is out of the content. So with my passion and creative ideas, I dive into the world. Knowing I can enhance beauty and influence styles my own way."... She said. 

Now the short survival story... 

" I'm simply a warrior cos I hardly give in to defeat. 

Everything I am today from academic to business was crested on my doggedness to thrive in the usual way. You see, I didnt come from a rich background and as unfortunate as it was, my parents didnt believe so much in academics. So to them, for a girl child, if you care enough to go through school, once you are done with secondary school, You should get married. It wasnt even that easy graduating from secondary school for me. I had to organize cultural dance group which I get monies to sort my school fees. 

For some of us who want to press further, we were left to cater for ourselves. My path was rocky all through my school days. I had to work and pay my fees. Cater for my needs myself. But I vowed never to stop half way until I put on my NYSC Khaki and to the glory of God today, that happened in the last four years of my life. 

Why am I saying all these? 

Its because everything is achievable if you truly believe you can achieve. You dont need to depend on sugar daddies or in any abusive relationship to scale through. You don't need to compare yourself with anyone. The only one you are in a competition with, is yourself. 

Set goals for yourself, work towards achieving those dreams and gradually, watch them unfolds."

Touching right? But guess what? It's not even her success stories yet. You'll be wondering but why do we call this website a lifestyle blog if we don't use our lifestyles to talk to readers. 

" My role model of all time in business is Bar. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti. 

She's an entrepreneur per excellence. 

She is an innovator, a builder, a humanitarian and an advocate of justice. She's beauty and style personified. She's just everything in the world. 

She's has changed my notion about values in life by making me realize that the most valuable thing and valuable offer is to invest in human needs and being the reason someone smile. 

Like I did my job for others, I live so others can live"

 We await Her success stories ☺

Have a great day ahead 

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