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The Harbie's: Entrepreneur focus of the week

The Harbie's: Entrepreneur focus of the week

Shittu habeebah mojisola, popularly known as harbie, Is a beauty therapist, who is also into skincare, makeup and hairstyling, and digital marketing as a side job.

"For now I’m focusing more on skincare because it requires more dedication,time and man power, makeup and hairstyling is still on hold for now." 

"Digital marketing is really flexible because it does not necessarily require my appearance, I can work from anywhere at any point in time." 

"I love the beautiful things of life, I like colors, I like nature and I find it fascinating, I love to beautify things hence why makeup is one thing I love so much because it involves playing with colours and making already beautiful people more beautiful, and it goes in-line with hairstyling and skincare too, hence why I delved into the beauty line as a full time career"

"for now, I’d say my major hit is the fact that I decided to go full time as a beauty therapist, I’m still kind of new in the bussiness so there’s really no “major hit success” for now, but “celebrate small wins they say” so I’m personally thankful for having people that believes in me to the extent of trusting me with thier skin issues, and I thank God I’ve been able to get positive feedbacks which is priceless to means the growth of my bussiness"

Harbie is really a very flexible person when it comes to shopping, she buys anything she likes and feels she'll be comfortable in, it’s really not hard for her 

Her daily outfit is determined by her daily task.

most times when I go out to send orders to my customers, I personally prefer to be on something really comfortable and smart because of the non-stop movement throughout the day.

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