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Young and Restless: Success @glam_by.sonia

Young and Restless: Success @glam_by.sonia

Success is a Nigerian Online Entrepreneur who Deals with gadgets and phone accessories, hand made luxury, quality bags and shoes.

She's a brand influencer, promoter and opened to ambassadorship.

Talking about a part of her story that can inspire a Nigerian youth, she explicitly explain using the "Hustle" rightly meaning we all are working hard to get to a next level of whatever we do at the moment.

"Be yourself, don't be discouraged and don't let people discourage you."

Meanwhile, you don't let anyone in this life spill your weak points at your face making you feel you deserve less or worth less.

Everyone has a role model they look up to, to get inspired. For Success its her amazing mum. Because she's always there to inspire and make her learn. Success is actually Obsessed with Mum judging by the way she had spoken about her and her upbringing explicitly to ngkings.com.ng. This is making us love Her mum and considering asking her to honor us by been NGKings Grand Matron... 😍 😉 

While growing up Success would have to hawk fish while growing and this made her succeed to want to be an entrepreneur without... This has been a great deal of lesson to learn from a mum.

She will always be my Role model

"Ok.. Every business and SME basically face this common challenge in their business from friends or acquaintances who will always buy on credits and find it difficult to pay back".... She said

But even at that, one element of Entrepreneurship is patience and it's been a virtue that keeps everyone going.

Therefore, it balls down knowing your purpose and getting them right together. 

You'll want to keep up with Success and patronize some nice Phone pouches, Lashes and Accessories, just click here @glam_by.sonia  and @shopfromsonia 

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