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“I think it's a brand that’s yet to be tapped into"-Cee-C talks athleisure and lifestyle with Pulse

“I think it's a brand that’s yet to be tapped into"-Cee-C talks athleisure and lifestyle with Pulse

Cee-C came by Pulse studio to talk about the challenges of owning an athleisure brand and a sneak peek into her skincare and fitness routine.

The second season of Cee-C’s athleisure brand was launched earlier this month as she introduced the men’s collection.

The photos from the launch sparked up lots of rumour on social media as different people reacted. She took a step forward with the launch of the season as she adds ‘his and hers’ attire to the collection.

Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly addressed as Cee-C had a chat with PULSE about the the relaunch of her athleisure brand and what it takes to own one.

On what inspired her to start an athleisure brand, she told us how much she loved fitness and how expensive sportswear outfits are in Nigeria.

"I went to a big store in Lagos to get sportswear for my fitness and I saw what I like but they’re very expensive. I was talking about it and

"I'm like you know what, I want to do this. So I started."

On the name, 'Cegar', it was coined out of her name and her spirit animal, Tiger.

According to her,

“When I wanted to start, I was hearing different names like Spartan fit… I don’t want to call my brand any name. From nowhere I thought about the name Cigar, just like my mom’s perfume.

“So I picked my spirit animal, Tiger and my name which gave me Cegar.”

We went ahead to ask her about the fact that athleisure brands are not so common in Nigeria and the possibility of it being profitable.

She said;

“I think it's a brand that’s yet to be tapped into, to be honest, and it's actually a very big one. Nigerians are becoming more health, fitness conscious.

"I feel it’s very profitable in Nigeria because it takes a lot of hard work.”

On the challenges, she faced during production. From fabric sourcing to the final production.

On inclusivity,

“It’s for every shape and size. At some point, we’ll do somethings just for plus size”

Sharing her fitness routine, She said,

“I’ll be honest, I’m not very careful with what I eat." She giggled.

It’s all about workouts and also learning how to dirt from time to time. For someone like me, I stay away from cardio and treadmill. I do more squatting and heat workouts.”

For her skincare routine,

“Sometimes, I take a break from makeup because I know when to allow my skin to breathe.”

Interview Rescripted from Pulse NG

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