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41st Miss Nigeria: Mildred Peace Ehiguese

41st Miss Nigeria: Mildred Peace Ehiguese

Mildred Peace Ehiguese is a psychologist and the 41st Miss Nigeria. Founder of the @mildheartorg and philanthropist is the first north eastern miss Nigeria who was crowned in December 2017.

She was inspired by the drive to help and assist, after she had done a background check on the organisation and found out how they empower beyond beauty. 

Been a graduate of psychology she has a dream to assist children who were born with developmental disorder and also women, molested children and women 

This brought about the Mildheart organisation. An organisation that has:

Charity programmes 

Empowerment programmes 

And many more. 

Becoming Miss Nigeria was a journey of discovery for Mildred. 

I initially had no attraction for pageantry and had only little experience of modelling but since the pageantry could help me give back to the society I jumped at it... So my first aim for contesting for Miss Nigeria was for Humanity. 

While In camp, Mildred wasn't looking any close to winning because she was all there to learn. 

"every housemates where intelligent, amazing and had a whole lot to offer, so I started wondering why we could not all win together to make the society a better place" 

Infact, I was learning too much that I forgot I was there to compete. 


How I choose my outfits daily? 

My moods determines alot, but I always love my dresses very comfy. So I do Jean and shirts mostly. 

It won't be a news to tell you Mildred is also the Very colourful lady but sometimes like she said... Would want to look like the matured woman, so she would love to go on Less shouty colours like Navy blue. 

Mildred is slim and like her dresses fitted but not skimpy. 

She loves skirts as well as Hats, fascinators, jewelries and Make up. 

Funny thing is Mildred shops alot just to hang in the closet with the hope of rocking them someday šŸ˜‚ 

I assume Mildred will be doing a giveaway of some of those dresses after reading this post though šŸ˜‰ 

Link up with her more on Instagram by clicking here 


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