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An Incredible Interactive session with Honorable Oloruntoba Kehinde : the Commissioner of Agriculture kogi state

An Incredible Interactive session with Honorable Oloruntoba Kehinde : the Commissioner of Agriculture kogi state

Every time you go to the Bank, I'm sure in a way you don't Envy bankers in the aspects of TIME. Obviously, they barely have the time... But, in that same sector, bankers are seizing opportunities to study and go back to School. Meet an Outstanding and Successful Of the few Bankers that got degrees and Masters while in the Banking sector. 

Hailing from Kabba/Bunu Local Government part of kogi state is Honorable Oloruntoba Kehinde presently the Commissioner of Agriculture kogi state.. 

Honourable Oloruntoba Kehinde is a degree holder in Industrial Chemistry and Law, Masters in Analytical Chemistry 

And Business Administration, Also a Certified National Accountant and Presently studying History and International studies. He's no doubt a very successful man. 

The fascinating thing about His Academics achievements is that he acquired most of these degrees while working as a banker. He was popularly known Called General while in the Bank because of his Achievement breaking the 5 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) where he Scored A in all in the banking sector which are Performance Records that probably haven't been broken.

Profitability, Cost Reduction and the three others. This Achievement got him named as A FIVE STAR GENERAL along side four others 

Speaking to Team NGKINGS.COM.NG he said

"There is this General belief that When there Is a WILL there is a WAY, Most of this Academic degrees where achieved by me as a banker.

Not like I was abandoning my primary duties to chase these degrees but it was a will driven decision.

But when you realise that you will leave the bank Someday like I did and when you are leaving, you will be left with only the values you have added to yourself, then it will not also be wise to say because you are a banker, you will not be anybody else"


Who are your Key Mentors sir?

"We have one Doctor Adoji Victor who as a banker acquired Two PhDs, five Masters and several first degrees, Obafemi Awolowo among others" 

Like I said earlier, the Honorable left the Bank with performances that hasn't been broken, it balls down to the fact that when you are purpose-driven and believe that Readers are Leaders you will create time to make yourself a better person. Therefore the key Secret about this Banking Outstanding performances and Academic achievements is TIME MANAGEMENT

"If you Believe that the Only weapon you have is Knowledge then you will not spare anything to acquire it"... Hon. Toba Kehinde 


What part of your story in life do you think can give hope to the Nigerian youths? 

"As youths Hardwork pays, and the ability to be consistent while studying, be diligent without short-cuts.

The Certificate is not a meal ticket. Therefore, acquiring a certificate is not having an Ends meet because the Certificate is not an End itself, but a means to an end."


So you know, been certified is an opportunity for an individual to be enlightened and open up the mind to possibilities as an enlightened person.

This message is a call for competency, you should graduate as a student and be able to defend such certificates. Relying on cheating in the Exam halls is not what any student should do because eventually, it will tell when such student is required to show what he or she is made of.

So, don't get carried away with your inability to focus on Education, determination is key to achieving academic success.

"Hard work pays, honesty pays.".... Hon. Kehinde Oloruntoba 

Talking about VERSATILITY, the Honorable Commissioner is has studied Courses in Arts, Sciences and Social sciences. To him, no knowledge is a waste and your versatility makes you able to contribute meaningfully.

"I have an Inquisitive mind, I therefore see acquisition of knowledge as an opportunity... Hon. Oloruntoba Kehinde 

" Though its challenging been a student at my Age and my Status in the society but I am determined to remain in School till I am 60 years Old.

I entered a class One day and I was ordered out of the class by the lecturer which was nothing but a bunch of Embarrassments, this is to tell you that it comes with a whole lots of "shits" that you have to put up with.... Considering my age and societal status, I'm sure I should not be treated that way but as a student, I obeyed and left the class."

And guess what? The Honorable commissioner of Agriculture has not studied any course relating to Agriculture, atleast not yet *smiles* and it is been said that this is wrong but Such Seats are executive seats that are not functions of what you studied especially when it has to do with managements. It is Assumed there are experts in the ministry to get the job professionally done and your Job as a commissioner is to be versatile enough to look at it in various views of Applications. These seats are not Technical in Nature. So we have Permanent Secretaries in every ministries and therefore, are the head of Operations so they are expected to be well grounded in the corresponding field. The Commissioner is a Representative of the Governor and mediate just like a Minister as well.....


A member of the team asked the Honorable Commissioner about his view on Gender Equality

He simply said,

"We have ladies or women that are doing better in the Nation and therefore appeals to women to take intelligence and knowledge acquisition over trying to look Beautiful always and not having much to offer. Have the look, look good but have everything to offer.

Now, imagine staying about 2 hours to do a face make up for a 40 minutes class...this sounds funny right? But think About. 

Therefore, there should be advocacy on Attitudinal changes Rather than Gender Equality."

It was an amazing session with the Honorable Commissioner and an Eye Opening one. Like he said, just apply the right principles and be good at what you do, then you will make it to the top with your hard work and Dedication to God

One thing you should know is, Purpose makes you dive into the opportunities. The Honorable Commissioner don't see anything as a challenge because he can be daring in achieving it. Therefore, don't see less of yourself.

Below are the group pictures from the visit.

The Honorable commissioner Endorsing the Website along side Atte Ayodeji Joseph, the Team Leader. 

The Honorable commissioner endorsing the Online Radio of the NGK


The Honorable Commissioner along side the NGK Team members 



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Alexvictor Posted on Oct 3 2019 7:25 AM

Really great. I've always seen bankers as people who don't have time. To find this story is a shocker, to be honest. Shows we can do a lot more than we think!

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