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Atte's Monday Motivation

Atte's Monday Motivation

It's a new week and I'm sure you all had a nice weekend. Coupled with the fact that it was a Valentine’s weekend...I'm happy for you all that received gifts tho... And for us that didn't get any.. Even SMS, GOD WHEN

Meanwhile, I was in the church yesterday and I decided to drop this piece in form of a Monday Motivation (I'm not a motivational speaker sha... So you don't have to avoid me 😉) 

The NUGGET is Don't make someone a priority in your life when they make you an option. Sometimes, alot of us are on this table, especially feeling entitled to who doesn't give a single _____ about you. So it is important for you to know your place. 

Meanwhile, Even when you mean alot to someone, you should as well know when to exit their lives as well. Taking for example, Barnabas and Paul the Apostle. 

Barnabas was the stronghold behind the Apostles allowing Paul into the "apostleship" but then after a while they had a huge quarrel and ever after, we didn't hear anything about Barnabas again while Paul kept Shining. 

Robert Mugabe came to rule his people and He came with honor but the last five years of his life was a mess. It is important to know when to exit. 

On the other hand is NELSON MANDELA a man of so much honor who's singular honor brought World cup to South Africa. He was the country's first black head of state and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election.

I believe we all understand better what I've been trying to pass across...and I hope I passed a message. It's a lifestyle blog so what more can we do than have to talk to ourselves this way. 

Have a blessed day and a blessed week. 

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