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Ayo AI for the Wednesday Motivation

Ayo AI for the Wednesday Motivation

 Ayo Al is an English graduate and a lover of all things books. She's passionate about changing the world through literature and it’s a firm desire of her's that people would read more.


I’m a content strategist, multimedia journalist, editor and script writer. I’m also an entrepreneur.

What inspires you daily to do what you do? 

"Being whole (financially, mentally and socially) and being able to inspire others as a result of being whole inspires me."


The Phrase: IT'S WELL.. do you see it as a Delusive word of excuse or Faith Driven? 

"It’s well is an affirmation of positivity and wholeness. It means after doing all you can to excel in life or in situations, you are confident and have faith enough to believe all things will work out"

How would you define your Personal style? 

My style is free, comfortable and trendy. 

"Sometimes, I prepare my clothes days before. Other times, I pick outfits according to my mood. I also change outfits at the spur of the moment." 


In Conclusion, Ayo Sees The phrase "IT'S WELL" as an affirmation of Positivity, keeping it alive that things will fall in place.

Today is a Wednesday and it's just the mid week. I hope this motivates someone that the week can still be the one you've envisioned it to be. 

Have a nice Wednesday. 

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