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A relationship, be it love relationship, work relationship or even in marriage should be treated like an important aspect of our lives. Deciding to be with someone is a huge step an individual is taking and as such you should prepare your mind for the worse and the best. However, the best moments ought to supercede the bad ones and this will either make the relationship or Mar it.

Either way, see to it that you put in the work in your relationship, especially if there are other aspects of life taking so much of your time (which are inevitable) such as your job. A lot of couples these days breakup, divorce or separate for the most unreasonable reasons and because they didn't try to put into work in their relationship as they do in other aspects of life.

Hence, base on these trends of breakup, divorce, separation, annulment call it whatever you think it is. You always have a way to get a hold of things before they get out of hands. Therefore I will be talking on the strengthening factors and weakening factors that can make the relationship work or Mar it completely.

With these strengthening keywords you can conveniently couple your work pressure with an amazing relationship life. I will be discussing a few of these strengthening factors, I call them the strength keywords.

 Strength Keywords

1. Compassion: 

Be genuinely interested in your partner, that is think of them first, consider them first. Show that you are interested in their life and what goes on with them and be genuine in your attitude. Don't fake it. Always try to fix yourself in their position, and think of what you'd do if you were in their position before criticizing, flaring up or becoming judgemental. Be empathetic not sympathetic.

2. Adaptability: 

We all were used to doing things our own way, at our own time and convenience. But now you have a plus in your life and as such you should be considerate and learn to put them in the picture, appeal to the nobler motives, consider the other person, and be fair about decision making , consider the other person's idea or desires, see the other person's point of view, dramatize your idea and make the other person feel that the idea is his or hers. In other words, put up with your partner, discuss what you don't like and reach an agreement with your partner on how to me things better between the two of you.

3. Acceptance:

 There's the saying that you can change a person that loves you, no you can't change them. You can only make them love you and give them every reason to want to be a better person for you both, and as such happens the changes come naturally without forcing it. Accept your partner for who he is and let your love for them make them see their toxic side and work towards change with you. Don't be imposive, don't be mad at them for getting it wrong rather talk to them about it and watch them accept it and gradually work towards it, together with you.

4. Devotion: 

Don't criticize, condemn or complain. Let's try to figure out why our partners do what they do, understand them. It's a lot more profitable to devote your time in trying to get to know your partner better, more intriguing than criticism and it breeds empathy, tolerance and kindness. When you truly know your partner, you easily get to let things slide and look to the brighter side of the relationship. To know all is to forgive all.

5. Imaginative:

 Let your partner be inspired by who you are, let them start dreaming in their imaginary world of a happy relationship and happy endings with you. Let them feel the need for you in their lives and be the one they could thing of as the person who can keep them grounded and on the right track. Be sensitive and loyal, see their problems as yours and talk to them about it and you both should figure out a way. After all, two heads are better than one.

These are some of the strengthening factors a couple should inhibit in their relationship and the relationship will go a long way no just romantic and sexually but intellectually and in achieving individual goals without ruining the collective relationship goals.

However, there are a few weakening factors we should try as much as possible to avoid in our relationship or do away with completely. I call them the weakness keywords.


Weakness Keywords.

1. Oversensitivity: 

Be sensitive and loyal, yes you heard that right but don't over do it. Even though you'll offer to make everything right with your partner, don't allow yourself to take on all their problems because you'll lose your identity in their situation, you become so sensitive that it becomes an in ability to reject what's wrong for you. You need a strong positive partner to make you strong. This is the weak spot of some individuals, and their partner should be sensitive enough to know, this is where devotion to knowing your partner helps out.

2. Indecisiveness:

Do not allow your partner's rigid strength of character and stance for what they want and believe in affect your decision making on critical issues. Avoid the fear of confrontation and having to change a situation. If you see what you ain't comfortable with in your partner, sit them down and talk things through. Don't let your partner's carefree attitude affect your decision making. We all have individual goals and couple goals don't let you and your partner's collective goal affect your personal decision making process.

3. Self pitying:

Hearting all these hurts and pains makes you fierce towards your partner. To avoid this, try as much as possible not to be molded by your relationship, be who you are. Don't let the fact that you are in a relationship make you let go of other important people in your life. If you are hurt by your partner's action talk to them immediately, never try to abhor pains.

4. Laziness: 

Most people care less and can be very lazy only in matters that they do not care about. Lack of self discipline and self confidence can mar you as an individual and even go on to destroy your relationship.

5. Escapism:

Alot of individuals will try to escape or avoid a situation instead of confronting it. As an individual,your external struggle is to learn to use your power and imagination in a positive, productive way and fighting for emotional stability by not giving away your emotions to everyone else. You need help yourself. 

In summary, stay true to yourself and your partner. You ain't perfect neither is your partner and you both shouldn't expect to have a perfect relationship, rather both of you should work together into building a perfectly healthy relationship.

I always say to myself, that my relationship is my second job and my partner and I are in the middle of a company (the relationship) partnership and as such neither of us will want our company to get capsized. Hence, we must not allow our incompetencies to ruin it and as such we'll both device new strategies, new ideas and innovations into taking the company (relationship) to a better height and allowing for consistent growth...

See your relationship the same way you see your job, and put in as much energy and effort as you put in your job and watch how successful it will turn out to be. Put in your best to build, revive and sustain your relationship.


Good day!!! 

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