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Creative Women Crush with DMJ Empire

Creative Women Crush with DMJ Empire

The role of women in nation building cannot be over-emphasised. Over the years, women have been relegated to the background on issues of development, especially in developing countries, such as Nigeria.

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said: “When we empower women, we empower communities, nations and entire human family.” The impact of involvement of women has left a patch in path; therefore it can be asserted that women are not only loaded with valuable potentials, but also have the legal right to contribute to the development of their societies.


It's Wednesday and our Creative Women Crush day. 

See who we got here. 

 my Name is David Mary Joy aka DMJ

The founder of DMJbeautempire. Am an Entrepreneur,

A graduate of Kogi state university. Studied sociology.

Am Igala by tribe from olamaboro , brought up in Lagos. 

In speak Igala, Yoruba and English language.

 My drive majorly is my background. I was not born with a silver spoon but I have the drive to become MORE. 


Now about my Hit success.. To me, success is the fulfillment I derive from being a channel of blessing to not just my self but the society at large. My success is grooming individuals to become more.. And it an infinity tax till I leave this world . my desire to leave a foot print that will lead so many to realizing their potentials

How I get this done is living through the Spirit of God that refreshes me with great LIMITLESS ideas


My advice to ladies out there is for them to realise that they are made to be More than just being a woman.

Their target should not be on material things but to be a woman with great impact for not just themselves but to generation and it start by them focusing on who they are and to become somebody else or being carried away by mere physical beauty but beauty on the inside.... 


So you've heard it again today that women are Nation builders. 

Be the woman you are meant to be... Hangout with us on this episode again on Wednesday. 

Good day!!! And happy Democrcy Day!!!

You can get featured on this segment as a creative woman.... Just contact us @at info@ngkings.com.ng 

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