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CU's Ambassadorial Corner with Praise Joseph

CU's Ambassadorial Corner with Praise Joseph

Hey guys, it's such a fast and amazing week right? Yeah.. Thank God for health and speed. September is so close and I wish us all well. 

You probably don't know NGK has campus ambassadors, ok yes we do, but just one at the moment ๐Ÿ˜‚ and that's for Covenant University!!!! 

Happily, you will be having a session with your Covenant University's Ambassador weekly starting from next week. 

Now let's get to Know her!!! 

Praise Sophie Joseph is a 22 years old student of Covenant University who loves to cook and a sucker for anything fashion.

She's a conscious Fashion Enthusiasts, therefore, her Style, I mean personal style is COMFORT. 

"I love looking good, but doing so in simplicity, my style is COMFORT I love to be comfortable in anything I wear(comfort is key for me)."

Just so you know there's always an inspiration to whatever you have chosen to be. Praise started her Fashion Enthusiasm even while she was growing up because her mum put her on that lane

Well I'll say my mum is my first key inspiration in fashion because she always used to buy me clothes then and pair them for me then, my sister while growing, always had this amazing dress sense that I loved but of late I have started getting some style inspirations from Instagram from my favourite fashionista: @mariipvzz

Her favourite part of been a fashion enthusiast is her influence on some people on their choices of dresses

 "My favorite part will be the fact that I have been able to influence the fashion choices of some people and that makes me so happy, and another thing is the fact that I get to have new clothes๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿพ" 

Just so you know Fashion and Style are lifestyles. You always want to keep up with the trend, yet they change exponentially... Praise Checks up various channels to stay up to date here. 


" Hmmmm I'll say I check up Instagram most of the time and when I see something I feel will look good on me I just go for it." 

"I must say deciding to start showcasing my fashion sense took me a while, because I used to overthink things, like if I wear this gown now what will people think. But I got over that and decided to do me and I must say I'm enjoying it a whole lot."

Thank you so much for your audience and I'm sure you will be delighted to keep up with Praise, kindly do so by clicking here


See ya next Friday 

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