•   09/16/2021 07:55:28 pm

Dan Arewa’ completes doze of COVID-19 vaccine

Dan Arewa’ completes doze of COVID-19 vaccine

Alhaji Aminu Kurfi Balele popularly known as ‘Dan Arewa’ has received the second jab of AstraZeneca vaccine to complete his doze of COVID-19 vaccine. 

The chairman of Katsina state football association charged sports stakeholders and Nigerians from different spheres of life not to be sceptical about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, as he noted that safety of lives is paramount in all endeavours.

“I received my second round and last of my AstraZeneca vaccine today. The first was received on 13th March, 2021 and I charged other sport loving Nigerians to join me in ensuring that they receive the complete doze of the COVID-19 vaccine,” Kurfi said 

“Nigerians from every sector should ensure they get COVID-19 vaccine. There is no harm in preventing the spread of the virus by getting the vaccines,” he added.

According to COVID-19 report , 2.11millon Nigerians have received the first jab of the COVID-19 vaccine, while 148 thousand Nigerians have completed the full doze of the COVID-19 vaccine.



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