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Dubai based model: Oyindamola TGIF

Dubai based model: Oyindamola TGIF

Ajomole oyindamola face of Nigeria 2017 the covener of Diary of a Beauty Queen. Shesya model, walking international runways in Dubai and beauty pageant winner. 

Graduate of North American university Benin and I’m also a licensed cabin crew member. Currently contesting as miss ideal Nigeria 2019. 

Growing up she had always had this tall Model physique, and people around her always encouraged her to be a model and she had got role models like Agbani darego, Naomi Campbell, Oluchi, amongst others. Consequently, she got into the modelling gig and she is making waves. 

"My motivation mainly was my physical appearance." 

"Winning face of Nigeria 2017 was a major turn around in my career as a model, in that year I got endorsement from Benton makeup school in Dubai and walked so many shows internationally." 

Shoes or Bags.. Which comes first at your shopping??? 

"Shoes definitely. I love my heels high I’m definitely a heels girl 😊" 

On a daily, we tend to always come out stunning everywhere with our outfits. A whole lots of factors can determine our choice of outfits right from our closet. 

"My mood mainly decides what I wear and what am I dressing up? Is there an important event or a date night or just a normal work day." 


Know and keep up with Oyindamola on IG by clicking here 

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