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Elenora Amarachi Paul: The YOUNGEST MOVIE PRODUCER

Elenora Amarachi Paul: The YOUNGEST MOVIE PRODUCER

Elenora Amarachi Paul is an actress, a screenwriter, and a producer. Amarachi has been privileged to feature in couple of movies and has as well written a lot of them. 

She’s arguably the YOUNGEST PRODUCER in the game. 


Every part of Amarachi happens to be an inspiration. As the youngest producer at the moment her push is second to none. I mean she’s not relenting in her fault. 

She said “there are always challenges in life but most times the successful people have a way of extracting only some Rossy part of their stories to tell for motivation but as a human pushing daily, you should be aware there’s always going to be obstacles on every path, hence,  getting prepared and being focused is the key.”

"Believe in yourself she said....

Believe - work - stay with the process and you’ll make it hay. 

As a writer, Amarachi has provided opportunities for producers to invest, sell and make profits. Her scripts has given jobs to actors, filmmakers and crew and of course as an actress her movies has impacted alot of people."

“As an actress, Some reviews come to me as a shock because I don’t expect some of my acts to be a source of motivation to alot of people, these reviews in form of messages, I get always give me the affirmation that my little efforts mean alot to other people out there and that makes me do more. Even when I feel down, their feedbacks gives me hope to continue 

So that’s why I said, Just keep doing it... people are watching!!!”






Most times as a growing actress, the pay doesn’t cut it. You have to have gotten to a certain stage before you get paid handsomely. And myself being a young and beautiful producer l let my passion drive me first. 

Secondly, in the industry m, being passionate, beautiful and young, you tend to meet alot of people who wants to take advantage of you because of your passion both sexually, intellectually and any other way they deem fit. 

But it is up to you to hold your ground and remain focused because the challenges will never stop coming. 

Other challenges is also the lack of facilities to produce and bring out the level of quality producers envision in scripts. But we still make us of our available facilities to an efficiency of quality and movies still come out well. 


In Nollywood I have a couple of women who motivates me daily. The likes of Omon Oboli, Genevieve Nnaji, Mo Abudu and Funke Akindele

They are really a Role model in their niches. 


Yea!!! Amarachi is set for greatness. 

Keep visiting this website to meet young and restless NIGERIANS. 



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