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Emmanuella Ngozi Ogunlade on YaR ngkings

Emmanuella Ngozi Ogunlade on YaR ngkings

Meet Emmanuella Boluwatife Ngozi Chidinma Ogunlade   (Some people call me Boluwatife . Some people call me Chidinma.)  Her dad is yoruba and her mum is Igbo. That explains the names you hear. You can call her a mixed breed. So she's a Nigerian from oyo state and grew up in a lot of places. Was born here  Lagos, moved to Anambra state for about 3 years , spent one year each in owerri, kano, aba, Abuja and now back to Lagos in 2009. EMMANUELLA is a student of Yaba college of technology studying mass communication. She's a tv host at Guardian Nigeria, a model and a video vixen also. She's trying out acting too. Currently  majoring in tv and modeling. 




What inspired me to being what I am today is my passion first of all because I remember I started watching fashion tv since I was like 5. I preferred it to cartoons. I dreamt of being a designer then and I’d just style my brother with a wig and all sort to be cute. I started enjoying the fact that I could look pretty and I always got the question ,”are you a model”. So I just figured it’s somewhere In me. Till I finally embraced it in 2016 when I got my first job and I loved every bit of it. 



My drive daily is the fact that God wakes me up everyday and provides these opportunities. . We all strive to be a better versions of who we are and that’s actually my drive. To be better and to keep pushing. To never settle as long as God is with me.
My major drive in life is my family and wanting to be a better version of who they want me to be. My mum is a really positive energy too. On a daily it’s the idea of not wanting to slack or remain stagnant . Also Miracle I could call him my best friend is also another source that has held me up whenever I was down. Trust me I have the moments where I cry and I’m like “what’s the purpose?” But he’s been a drive to the movement. 



"I work with very talented photographers and creatives so I basically don’t really have to make my choices. They show me their concepts and it usually works for me. The beauty of it all is when the team loves the concept so everyone is happy to create. When ever I don’t like the mood board I speak up coz I know I won’t put in my best when shooting. I prefer being happy and free and you see the best but Paid jobs don’t have the luxury of you making choices and selecting concepts too. All i do is bring the concepts to life with the best of my ability."


I choose my daily outfits depending on my mood.

  • On my lazy days I just want to wear a long free gown or a big top and big jeans.
  • On the good active days I dress according to the occasion. 

Although sometimes I could be uncertain on some outfits so I have either my besties,my mum ,my sister and mostly my brother do a lot of check up before I step out. My siblings are the most reliable.

I always tell them to rate me 1-10. Lol. I usually get either a 6 ,an 8 or a 9. Always, so I’m not so bad after all. Lol






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