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Ezenwa Chika Nerita: Monday Creative Women

Ezenwa Chika Nerita: Monday Creative Women


Having a dream as child is never a wrong thing to do, sometimes it falls in place, sometimes passion changes and sometimes situations happen but having SIGHT WITHOUT VISION IS WORSE THAN BEING BLIND. 

Ezenwa Chika Nerita is a model, ex beauty queen, humanitarian and an entrepreneur

While growing up I have always wanted to be a model so I kept up to that dream.. I went in to pageantry because it’s a platform that will help me reach more and support the less privileged Because I know what it feels like to have ‘’nothing’’  so it motivated me to do more....

So the Dream was tied to HUMANITY. 


Yeah,there have been sometimes in the industry where people make you feel like you are not good enough, at the initial stage it can break you down but I learnt from it , I learnt to accept every NO and Criticism.. 
I work on myself and always stay Focus because I believe I’m a work in progress

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Believe in yourself, don’t let anyone define you, alway stay focus, work on yourself and know your direction in life.

I choose my daily outfit depending on where I’m going to and my mood for that day, I make up things I want to wear in my head while I’m still in bed..




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