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Face of Classy Queen Nigeria: Queen Goodness

Face of Classy Queen Nigeria: Queen Goodness

Gone are the days when you have to be slim, tall and all of that to be eligible to participate in pageantries, some outstanding individuals has made it flexible by coming up with pageants that gives every lady or guy a plain field to run on their modeling career. 

One outstanding brand that does this, I told you all about them last week Wednesday.. This brand is FACE OF CLASSY QUEEN NIGERIA. Yes! It's just concluded first edition crowned four Outstanding purpose driven Queens. Queen Olivia emerged the winner, you can read her interview here


Today we'll be getting familiar with another Queen. 

Let's meet her:


l’m Omoregbe Uyiosa Goodness. A student of University of Benin 400level studying Linguistics..Average in height and chocolate in complexion...I'm 20years old from Edo state and I live in Benin. 


What's Modeling in your own view? 

"l would say modeling is about creating or building a representations of things in the real world. My point is, modeling is a way of expressing a particular view of an identifiable system of some kind"... She said. 


You'll agree with me that passion is an act that keeps you as an individual in remembrance of what ever you want to achieve. It drives you. Consequently, one key factor that got Queen Goodness a crown of the Face of Classy Queen Nigeria is PASSION


"Passion: l have always wanted to work or act as a fashion and art model in the Entertainment/modeling industry. This has been my passion for years , thus my active participation in the contest of the classy Queen Nigeria.

       Also my passion for fashion icons and models like agbani durego and the host motivated me and fueled up my passion for modeling thus my participation for the face of classy queen Nigeria. I believe this is a step to my thrilling glorious future in modeling."


Having a footprint or tangline to your name is such a fulfilling goal to achieve. It means you have made impact. You definitely want to be tagged a great name for example OBO meaning the famous Omo Baba Olowo. 

Hence, Queen Goodness wants to be tagged: 


"I want to be tagged as sexy lips .l want to use my lip as a selling point for my career..To model for various brands of lipstick in the world."

Visit the official Instagram page by clicking here

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