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Face of Classy Queen Nigeria: Queen Olivia

Face of Classy Queen Nigeria: Queen Olivia

In recent times, modeling has taken another gig, at a point it was meant for the slim, tall and elegant ones but eventually plus-size modeling came into the picture, then we now have online Pageantry that accepts everyone lady for who they are, no height, no color, no size... I mean isn't that so fantastic for a lady who likes to do what she loves in the modeling gig and become a beauty Queen regardless?

One pageantry that would interest you to get familiar with as a young girl driving to be a beauty Queen or as a brand searching for a Beauty and Brain as an Ambassador, then your next stop is Face Of Classy Queen Nigeria. 

Face of Classy Queen Nigeria aims at giving all the young pretty Ladies out there the opportunity to be a beauty Queen no matter the size and height, empowering young girls too as well as to take pageantry as a whole to a higher level

Queen Olivia Mbanusi is an 18 years Elegant young Beauty and Brain, based in Anambra state, Awka precisely with 5'6 inches tall... She is the just crowned Face of Classy Queen Nigeria

Everyone has a drive to start up a dream, its called motivation or inspiration, Queen Olivia is not an exception here because she was inspired by the Core Values she found out about pageantry which is The Ability of a Queen to stay Independent and improve in decision making. 

"Pageants teaches gals to be independent and I want to be an independent young lady, I want to use it as a platform to become the model I Always wanted since I was a child".... She revealed 

She further explained.... 

"Pageantry also creates self confidence, and gives so many opportunities to young girls. This world ties in with entertainment world so, it opens door to modeling, acting, performing and so much more, giving opportunities to work with so many organization and create awareness in the community.. It also teaches to be a better version of yourself and make you discover who you really are."


Just so you know it's not all about wanting to be a Queen, the Peak is touching lives with the office. Queen Olivia primarily believes in not giving up, as part of HARDWORK, CONSISTENCY is an element. 

"...... . I have contested in a lot of pageants and I kept losing I almost lost hope.. But I decided to keep trying..... Every lady out there should be giving the platform to make their talents known, helping them to be independent hence their talents making ways for them... I am basically saying in my office, I will reach out to young ladies and the purpose driven ones and help them in my little ways find light in whatever choices to have to make that's not certain for them."

My words to fellow young ladies out there:

"Be upright in all you do, be confident & bold, be outspoken, be motivated. The ability to educate, challenge and embrace the true meaning of been an ordinary queen to a self esteemed true beauty queen to make one believe in having that way of promoting the community at large should be the goal."

" I am overwhelmed by the opportunity to serve as Face of Classy Queen Nigeria and been at my best to make the brand proud is the goal. 

 I might not have won all the contest I have participated in this is actually the first but I don't regret participating in any of them because I got some experiences and am happy I experienced them because I learnt from each and everyone of them" 

Yea... You want to get familiar with FACE OF CLASSY QUEEN NIGERIA, click here 

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