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Faceofbeautynigeria: Second to None

Faceofbeautynigeria: Second to None

Get familiar with Faceofbeautynigeria. 

Name : Queen Adeola Gentry

Age : 22

 from Osun state and a graduate 


What makes Faceofbeautynigeria unique ?


Queen Gentry : FOBN is unique in its own way because it doesn’t discriminate, there is loyalty and consistency. And it is the first online pageant in Nigeria. In a country where every pageantry is live, Faceofbeautynigeria cane out with its own unique concept of Doing Pageantry online and in a way that makes participation in pageant less expensive and it has been a huge success and even more impactful than most live pageants that has been on ground. FOBN turns ordinary girls into beauty Queens and i love that about the brand. 


How did you win the crown?


Queen Gentry: I won the crown through hard work and determination, and also with the help of my friends, family and well wishers. 

How has your stay been in Faceofbeautynigeria?

Queen Gentry: My stay in FOBN has been a smooth journey, I have learnt a whole lot, met new people, my fellow Queens turned friends. It has brought out great potentials in me that now I feel like if I could achieve that, I can achieve anything I put my mind to.


What have you done with your crown? 


Queen Gentry: With my crown I have been a role model to fellow ladies out here, I was able to do an outreach with my fellow Queens, give back in my own little way and I even have a free makeup training to empower girls coming up on the 23rd of September to and will be giving out free makeup products to too to the girls.

How do you feel knowing you will be handing over in few months? 


Queen Gentry: I don’t feel sad because Faceofbeautynigeria is like a family. Even if I drop my crown, I’ll still be Queen because all the brand has taught me will make me go out and do exploits. Also, the relationship with FOBN is always going to be there and the Queens in my set we are like sisters so it’s all good. I have gained a lot that money cannot buy. 


Advice for aspiring Queens of Faceofbeautynigeria 2020 Edition 


Queen Gentry: To my aspiring Queens, I'll advise you to never give up. 

Never loose hope during the voting. 

Keep aiming higher and pushing yourself and you’ll get it.

Don't look down on yourself no matter any situation you find yourself in and no matter how beautiful your fellow contestants look. Don’t forget we are all beautiful in our own way. 

Always have it in mind that you can do it. 

Rome wasn't built in a day! 

When I was competing, on the last day of voting I wasn't topping in the votes but I strived harder and I didn't give up and my votes increased. 

So if I can do it you can do. 

Just be positive!!! 

Also to those who haven’t registered, registration is Ongoing, don't forget to register because FOBN is a great platform 

Don't miss this opportunity.



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