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FAITH OLAMIDE ISOLA: I’m very big on dreams

FAITH OLAMIDE ISOLA: I’m very big on dreams

Faith Olamide Isola is a 24 years old creative Nigerian, who describes herself as an all round lover of entertainment. She's a dancer, singer, fashion and makeup enthusiast among other things

"To be honest, most of these things are like second nature to me. For example singing and dancing I’ve been doing since I was little.
I would say my family’s pretty musical; my moms used to sing in the choir, my sisters and I sing, my brothers have a good ear for music, dad used to be a dj once upon a time"

"Fashion? Well I’ll credit my moms for that, they made sure my siblings and I looked good growing up so we picked and ran with it.
Makeup I discovered as a teenager...it piqued my interest so I started watching YouTube videos to learn the basics." 

"I think anything that involves creating can be challenging, actually most things are.
For instance, let’s say trying to write a song, form a dance routine, decide on a makeup look or my personal nemesis; picking an outfit. Sometimes I experience a block making these more difficult than I’d like them to."

But regardless of these challenges, 
It’s a process so she just trusts her  gut at the end of the day.
It can be a hit or a miss and that’s okay still.

Funfact!!! Girly dream? 
Faith is a  Dreamer
"I always joke that Joseph in the Bible no dream reach me 
I’m very big on dreams and that’s because I’m a firm believer that they do come true.
I can’t quantify my dreams or list what I want to achieve but what I’ll say is I want to become the best version of myself and give the people who are dear to me the wonderful things they deserve.
To not have to worry about basic needs. I want to be successful in whatever it is I’m doing."

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