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Fashion insight with Sade

Fashion insight with Sade

As we all know, fashion has become one of the biggest industry in this world. No matter where you go, we all know every country have their own style and taste of fashion. From the noble to ordinary. Everybody knows that fashion is one of the most famous topic in the world.

It’s always interesting when you have fashion enthusiasts talking about fashion. Today we have Sade. 

Sade is 

   A student of Babcock university,

A model and a fashionista

Love to dress up and bring up nice look of herself. 

Her choice of fabrics: The color, texture, patterns and the ability of the fabrics to stretch. 

Meanwhile, everyone has their own definition of fashion. According to Sade, 

FASHION is a prevailing style of dress given with strong implications with an expression at a particular time. 


There has been this drastic drift in fashion in the past one decade. Like everything changed and then normalized!!

We see plenty of the popular looks of decade past serving as inspiration for designers now, simply put, fashion is timeless, the things we considered old fashioned then are the trendy things now

Another drift is that fashion has made people more daring, people can actually wear whatsoever they want to wear and feel comfortable in the piece... Sade


Even though August means we’re almost halfway through the year, it feel impossible to make predictions about the state of the world, and especially the state of “FASHION”. For the months that still remain, the future is still murky, but it becoming clearer that the event of the past few month will leave last-longing effects on the way we shop, dress, and talk about clothes.

And also Because of the Rona, face masks are here to stay more events are still up


    Actually most time even before think of dressing up I always have a picture of different dresses on my mind

     And whenever I finally decide to try it on it comes out good


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