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Fashion inspo with #THEREALWARRI

Fashion inspo with #THEREALWARRI

So Imagine you've been pregnant since January, then you'll be expecting to deliver in couple of weeks or days already. The year is running and all I'm gonna say now is Happy September 😂. 

Its a Monday and the first in a new month at that so we still recognise young and restless Talents in the world and today we have Deborah... Popularly known as #Therealwarri. 

Deborah is a native of Edo state, an Entrepreneur, a communication expert, Social media PR, On-Air Personality and a Social Event manager. All these she does with passion and making her waves. 

Deborah runs a shoe brand; Hand made shoes, slippers all to give you luxury on your feet at very affordable prices. #SLYDES BY WARRI

Just so you know your feet deserves comfort and luxury too. 

Deborah is a fashion enthusiast and her personal style is basically herself. 

"my personal style is basically myself, I wear what I have and can afford. It's great to live within your means. So my style is to make expression of myself while looking simple and feeling comfortable in my dress." 

Therefore, her daily outfit is a function of how she feels. 

Furthermore, she added" Fashion is amazing, so my favourite part of been a FashionNova is the expression, therefore, it's about using the dresses you have really well not just acquiring for a wardrobe"

Finally, the Word for the day is Fashion Expresses you!!! 

You can check on Deborah on Instagram by clicking here so as to get yourself a style inspo and get a slyde to gift your legs. She sells really nice ones 

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