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Get Familiar with Faceforhumanitynigeria (FFHN WORLD) : Palmer Gift Esele

Get Familiar with Faceforhumanitynigeria (FFHN WORLD) : Palmer Gift Esele

Faceforhumanitynigeria is an online pageant established in the year 2020 by Promise Okogbenin(miss).

Faceforhumanitynigeria (FFHN) was created to support humanity in every little way(e.g orphans,helpless and so on). In other to carry out this process,we build Beautiful and intelligent ladies who have same agenda as the organization to carry out the process using the platform and support provided by the organization.
By doing this the queens will be brought to lame light and have achieved their desired goals.
Faceforhumanitynigeria wants to build a better pageant world which creates Avenue for every lady who has a vision(short,tall,fat or slim) no discrimination what so ever,No stage performance,no camping,everything is done online.Become a star 🌟 today by joining the family.

Palmer Gift Esele, Is a 21 years old young lady from edo state, She works as a hair stylist and also sell all kinds of human hair and she is the winner of the prestigious FFHN pageant 2021 (FFHN WORLD)

In her words, “one of the things that inspired me to participate in this great peagnat was that I knew and understand what my potentials was and I taught myself how to light up my corner at an early age to the world and ultimately make it better than it was…then I discovered that I couldn’t do this on my own,just then I realize that faceforhumanitynigeria is there to always help and bring young ones to limelight”
another thing that inspired me to participate was that  “ I believe women are great,we have great potentials,anything a woman lays her hands to do with determination and hard work must surely prosper and come out good…I got inspired with this little understanding of mine.”

I will use to to inspire so many girls out there, if I can do it they too can…and to also be a role model to the younger generation and to use this platform to start up an initiative of what I’m passionate about and that is protecting the female child physically,mentally and emotionally.

I will also carry the crown with outmost dignity and I will let the world know through my lifestyle that a queen is great,unique,kind,good hearted and all other qualities that follows will all be seen and portrayed in my life....... She concluded.




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