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It feels like forever since I've been on here and an ancient thing to write on a blog, I honestly feel like a lot of people are losing interest in written content and are more focused on fast consumption of content like videos which I may be tilting more to but I’ll definitely be sharing it on here. I can’t promise when but it’s part of the plan for the year *fingerscrossed.

And it seems this is Coming at the end of January but I hope you still find it useful. 

Over the holidays I got a direct message on Instagram asking how he could get back into the grind after the holidays surprisingly was able to share a few tips, hence today’s blog post “Getting your work mojo back after the holidays”

VISUALIZE THE END RESULT: Visualizing the end results of your goal makes the journey worthwhile. It works for me actually but its not long lasting I have to keep reminding myself consciously.

WORK AROUND PEOPLE WITH SIMILAR INTEREST: This helps to boost your focus and puts your mind on the right track seeing other people setting their goals and doing the work.

MIND WHAT YOU SAY TO YOURSELF Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Especially when you’re down, you may judge yourself harshly and speak internally to yourself in terrible ways. No hunnayy you need to stop!

LEARN A NEW SKILL OR UPDATE YOURSELF ON NEW INDUSTRY NEWS: This is a tad easier if you’re already subscribed to newsletters related to your industry which I am, i’m hooked on “girlboss, later, crello, smceo, hubspot, co-schedule and a few more” they keep ,e informed on new courses, trends and happenings in my industry.

CREATE A VISION BOARD: You can either do this with a group of friends or acquaintances it helps set the pace for the new year. You are heads up looking at a visual board of the goals you want to achieve this releases some form of excitement cause you can either not wait to take that trip, start a new job or fitness journey. Its the excitement and nervous twitch of trying something new.

ASK FOR HELP & SUPPORT: The idea that asking for help is for the weak is a facade, if you do not know where to start from or what to do ask someone you see as a thought leader in your industry or it could be a friend you know that has done this before. The worst thing you can get is a No and it beats not asking atall.

THE FEELING OF WANTING MORE: At this point if the desire of living your best life and feeling of wanting/making more money isn’t making you get out of bed into work mode then I don’t what will Lool. On a serious note stop whining GET UP! do the damn work no need crying over milk that isn’t spilt yet.

ENGAGE YOUR SENSES: You can easily engaged your senses by reading and listening. By taking time to read novels and listen to audiobooks (like me cause I honestly cannot read books) that lifted me up I gave myself space, but also creative stimulation in a different part of my brain. You should try it.

Happy New week

Welcome to a decade of possibilities & blessings

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