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Halima Abubakar; Favorite part of Been a Fashion Enthusiast

Halima Abubakar; Favorite part of Been a Fashion Enthusiast

 Today's trend is meant to be Woman Crush Wednesday right? You probably do have that one woman you are celebrating today already but I also would want you to celebrate a Fashion Enthusiast or do I call her a Fashion Book? šŸ˜ 

šŸ˜‚ Meet her!!! 

Halima Abubakar is A filmmaker, farmer, Actress and humanitarian for 15 years now. She has produced her own movies and asssists in directing as she has a passion for directing.

 You should watch her new movies

 Blood battle and the trip to Congo. 

Fashion is a whole lot of things on its own and it's much easier to define personally of late because, we now have individuals that have their personal definitions and therefore tend to define it openly with the way they dress. 

For Ambassador Halima, standing out is HER! 

" I like to stand out. I don't wear aso ebi, or the same style like others, I'm  a mood on my own. Show stopper, I love Victorian Era" 

"This is the real Halima if you know her very well. There is no insult I have not received for my styles, but now they copy it. I'm glad I initiated it.

 I love how Alexandra macqueen dresses, Elle sahab, Vivian Westwood and in Africa, I love Ghanaian sema brew, she's making something for me soon, And Lanre da silver, House of Mimi my personal designer."

Finally, Ambassador Halima appreciates her Stylists and designers.... You know why? They have been very easy for her to work with, Imagine just having to sketch your style and boom your designer now came up with the bomb? Trust me, slaying Will be your Normal šŸ˜‚ 

" I don't buy clothes lol . I'm very lucky. Except I just want to shop. God bless them." 

Her favorite part of Been a Fashion Enthusiast? 

"Standing out is one . I don't copy, I don't recreate another desigh, I sketch and show them , I choose what and how I want to be perceived. If you check my old red carpet Looks , you will see no difference in my style, just an upgraded version."

I'm sure you are now convinced that Ambassador Halima Abubakar should be your WCW over and over again ā˜ŗ. 

Keep up with her by clicking here to follow her on Instagram 

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