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Happy Birthday Dr Emmanuel Onoja

Happy Birthday Dr Emmanuel Onoja

Dr. Emmanuel Onoja is one of the most hardworking men in Kogi state Nigeria. He's working as the present commissioner in the state. It's the our pleasure as New Generation Kings to wish you an amazing day and better days ahead Sir. To those who have known your personality enjoy your disciple training and it has helped so many young people looking up to you. We only wish you more courage to be even more of a leader that you are. Happy birthday to you, sir. Leaders like you are few and far between. Hence, We wish you longevity and prosperity. Our world is a better place because we have you as a role model. Wishing you all that befits this new age of yours. You deserve a holiday in your name because you make an outstanding leader. Wishing you many more happy years. A life without you isn't worth living to the society. Wishing you a starry night of beauty and sunny days of glory. All leaders should be you because you're an epitome of excellence. Happy birthday, sir. We wish you the fulfilment of all the wishes lurking in the corners of your heart.


Happy Birthday Sir.

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