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Hope At Dawn Foundation Sickle Cell awareness

Hope At Dawn Foundation Sickle Cell awareness

What comes to your mind when you hear he or she is a SICKLER?

Most often people see this individuals as disadvantaged groups who don't deserve to be treated like people with normal Cell shape. Meanwhile, their strength is in their blood shape. They have pains that we with normal blood groups can't endure but they do endure it. 

So do you now believe they are strong???

Hope At Dawn Foundation is directing campaign to raising awareness and understanding of sickle cell disease, with the goal of improving patient care.

This will help grow understanding and awareness of this condition. 

Despite SCD being a genetic disease, it is impacted by racism and healthcare equity issues, including hindered access to care, and less funding support.

SCD patients can experience stigma bias for a variety of reasons, including race, disease status, socioeconomic status, delayed growth and puberty, and the acute pain that often to be managed by prescription opioids. But then the best the society can do is to not to make them feel they are less.

All the above points were what got emphased on by the Guest Speaker: NURSE DORA and The Convener Ms. KATE AJEFU at the Hope at Dawn Foundation Sickle Cell awareness tagged RAVE


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Meanwhile, keep them loved, show them loved and you'll be keeping them strong enough for the battle they fight...... 

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