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Hot ways to initiate sex with your boyfriend? Men talk all about it here

Hot ways to initiate sex with your boyfriend? Men talk all about it here

letting your man initiate sex all the time, and refusing to take the lead is not good enough. You need to learn to take the bull by the horn. And this is not something to begrudgingly do occasionally or once in a blue moon.

Not only does this make your partner feel desired, it also allows for variety and spontaneity in the way you go about meeting each other’s sexual needs.

So just it is important to understand why you should initiate sex, it is also necessary to know how to do it and do it in a way that really pleases and hits the mark at all times.

And according to men [off Reddit] who are on the receiving end of these moves, here are the best ways to initiate sex:

The surprise element works every time

I am not married yet but have been in a relationship, but I'm sure I was able to do little justices here..... My married men will relate 


Boldly go for it

A married anonymous revealed

"Earlier, my wife and I were just hanging out, kissing and talking about stuff when she started rubbing my d**k through my pants and suggested we go to the guest room. I could not have been more thrilled." 

When it's totally unprompted by me, that is hot as hell.  [ANONYMOUS ]


Get handsy

If you want to initiate it's pretty simple. Rub on him, put your hands on his chest, kiss his neck, run fingers through his hair. Do the things that makes him feel like you can't keep your hands off of him and feel free to be pull clothes (yours and mine) off while you do it. 



Short skirts lead to long nights

I said I wasn't married yet right? But I can relate to this. 

If she's wearing a short skirt and either bends over in front of me or sits on me....hmm I won't say no further.. My daddy could be reading this 😂 

The name of the game is seduction

When she seduces me. I prefer to be the dominant one in the bedroom, so I love it when she begs, and/or tells me how much she's craving me, how much she loves my d**k, how wants to give me head, etc. [ANONYMOUS


Get nasty with the words

This is me too.... 

If she groped/fondled, whispered dirty stuff in my ear, and/or just wrapped herself around me. Or wake me up with it, ya know...


There are probably more ways...you can drop yours in the comment section.

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